Tales from the volunteers

“Hello, my name is Chris, I’m 18 and I came from Mirfield. I did a Leonardo Da Vinci Mobility project in Norway (2weeks). In Norway I did a lot of work: I milk cow, chopped wood, made bread, cleaned cow sheds. I liked milking cows and cleaning cow sheds  and having a fight with the poo.

There was nothing to do at night, so we had to make our own entertainment, like playing Uno, card games.

We have days off like the weekends, so went bowling, mounting climbing, bike rides.It was a lot of fun.

I wish I can go back out there and have fun in the farm again. I miss working out there and the people I met.

Norway was a lot of fun reccomended to other people.

Now I am back I have a job at a community center because of this experience.”


Chris B. short term Leonardo Da Vinci Mobility Trainee.


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Leonardo Da Vinci project part of Gaining  Through Training
and supported by ECORYS UK
and the Lifelong Learning Programme
of the European Commission.


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