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EXPERIENCE – is an education programme from Everything is Possible which UK vocational educational providers can sign up to.

Are you an education provider based in the North/North East of England. Or a UK sports education provider based anywhere in the UK?

If so maybe you want to consider becoming a member of Everything is Possible – EXPERIENCE.

By being a member you can access international learning opportunities for your students and staff.

We offer a wide range of overseas activities in non-formal learning environments, companies, non-profit foundations and linked to international education providers.

For a small annual fee members of ‘Everything is Possible Experience’ open up the opportunity to take your students on an inspirational journey that dovetails into your vocational provision offering your students and accompanying staff engaging placements and opportunities to discover different methodologies and environments where they can practice their trade, to be exposed to cultural enrichment and new learning environments.

Students gain experiences and professional exposure few others at their age entering the labour market can claim. How many 18-year-olds do you meet who have undertaken a mechanics traineeship on a submarine, or coached football in a Jamaican football academy. EXPERIENCE offers transformative opportunities to UK vocational students and the tutors that support them, we prioritise learner opportunities for students experiencing additional barriers in their lives as for these particular learners our programmes have a history of impacting on their future life trajectory – for these leaners often an opportunity with experience is metamorphic rather than merely a positive experience that adds to their CV making them more competitive in the labor market.

‘EXPERIENCE’ is a programme offered by Everything’s Possible ltd to support students in accessing incredible educational journeys supporting the increase of knowledge in the vocational field they are studying. Each year we diversify our offer of vocational fields and hosting partners but in our 2023-2024 offer we mobilise:
● Animal management students to: South Africa & Sweden (and previously Greece & Croatia)
● Construction students to: Aruba & Greece
● Sports students to: Spain, USA & Jamaica
● Mechanics students to: Aruba (and previously Martinique)
● Catering & Media students: to France
● Childcare students: to Aruba (and previously Germany)
● Dance & Arts students: to Aruba
● Media & Music students to Italy
● UPS and Outdoor Education students: to Sicily

There are two types of EXPERIENCE on offer

The first is aimed at students on vocational courses with EXPERIENCE member colleges who have the opportunity through our programme to experience a 14-18 day traineeship in their vocational field in another country. For example a group of 10 UPS or outdoor education students accompanied by 2 tutors spending 2 weeks with an outdoor education partner on Mount Etna undertaking treks learning to lead outdoor activities, to plan a route to deal with emergency situations, to guide others and test their classroom learning in a real life situation.

The second opportunity offers recently graduated students or apprentices the chance to undertake a unique individual placement tailored specifically to their needs and future career aspirations. These placements are from one to twelve months and although we will always accompany learners we feel need support for the start of the placement, the actual placement is undertaken independently, with support and guidance from the local host.

Are you interested?

If so please call a member of the Everything is Possible EXPERIENCE team on 01904348843

Members 2019 – 2024

Membership open for September 2024

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