Tales from the volunteers

Testimony from Marcus Hylton about his Leonardo Da Vinci Mobility project:

It was my first time in Italy and I had no idea of what it would be like. I had a faint idea of the Italian language which was only a few words. The first day when I arrived in Italy I was shocked by the weather, I thought that it would be a bit hotter than it really was. Although the weather was not bitterly cold like England my home of residence I could still feel the chilly breezes. One of the attractions that took my mind when I first saw it was the city of Sassi this is in the region of Matera which is twenty kilometers away from where I was staying, Altamura. Sassi was a old city which was made of limestone and held up to 50 thousand people also this city was where the film The Passion Of The Christ was filmed. Also in my first week I visited a old church high in the mountains of Matera where a cave was used as a church by the monks that came from Greece, so that they could have a place of worship for their religious beliefs which Christianity. In this cave they told me about the first story of Genisis which is recorded in any bible they had to come from Greece to Italy due to the laws that were in place back in the middle ages. I found the whole city of Matera a very interesting city and also historical.


Also in my first week of my Leonardo Da Vinci Mobility project I was doing some work in a school in Matera helping out children when doing orienteering skills. These children that I worked with were very lively and willing to learn and interested in many things, this was a primary school where the children were around the age of twelve years old. During my first week in Altamura where I was staying I visited Matera again to give a presentation about Youth In Action and the Everything’s Possible to a group of high school teenagers who were interested in going abroad and travelling through Youth In Action to gain a different experiences and to get to know about different lifestyle and cultures. I found that this was very interesting in my first week in Italy.


Marcus Hylton, Leonardo Da Vinci trainee



Leonardo Da Vinci Mobility project

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