Tales from the volunteers

5th Day In Norway ( Leonardo Da Vinci Mobility project ):


“Today was an early start for me as I had to be at the farm for 6.30am to milk the cows which took about an hour. I also had to give them fresh food. When I had finished 5 of the cows and feeding them all I went back to Morgan House and had some breakfast, we went to the morning meeting, after the morning meeting we went back down the cows and gave them some fresh bedding and cleaned the cow pat from the stands where the cows stand. After we had done this we went down to the field where we were knocking the fence down and cut some branches and put them on the trailer.”


Shelby Taylor, Leonardo Da Vinci Mobility trainee.





“Yet again another amazing day in Solborg started as usual sitting at the table sharing breakfast with the people in Morgan House. This for me is very important because it is something I never do at home. Then work started, we went down the farm and cleaned out the cow shed, once clean we fed the cows. Then we headed down to the field where we took the fences down. Trees had been cut down to clean up the field boundary. We then persisted in sorting out the wood into 2 piles. One for burning in the village houses, one for the compost pile. I think we sorted 5 trailers full of wood. We worked hard and very efficient, it was really nice when we sat down for diner and there was wood on the fire. It was rewarding thinking there will be a fire keeping people warm thanks to the work we did today.”


Owen Reece, Leonardo Da Vinci Mobility trainee.





“Today we have breakfast at 7.45am in the Morgan House and we left the house at 9.00 to meet the villagers for half an hour and we went to the cows’ house, we cleaned the cows’ houses.”


Samiy Fesahya, Leonardo Da Vinci Mobility trainee.



15th May, Solborg, Norway


Leonardo Da Vinci Mobility project

part of Gaining Through Training

and supported by ECORYS UK

and the Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Commission.




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