Tales from the volunteers

Testimony from our trainees about the first day of their Leonardo Da Vinci Mobility project in Norway:

 “I have really enjoyed it so far, the hiking was great but exhausting, I’ve never done anything like this before so it’s going to be a great experience for me and it will look great on my CV.”

Shelby Taylor, Leonardo Da Vinci Mobility trainee.



“I have nice time when I come to Norway I meet so nice people. I really enjoyed seeing the farm. The farm is so good, I like to work with them I am so happy.”

Samiy Fesahya, Leonardo Da Vinci Mobility trainee.



“My opinion so far about Norway is excellent, we got introduced to the people who live and work on the farm and everyone was really polite and welcoming. Today we went on a 10 miles hike or thereabouts, it was exhausting but I really enjoyed it. The walk was amazing and the views were fantastic. I’ve never before seen or experienced anything quite like this. I am really looking forward to starting work on Monday and getting busy, I want to show and prove to the people on the farm I can work hard.”

Owen Reece, Leonardo Da Vinci Mobility trainee.





11th May, Solborg, Norway


Leonardo Da Vinci Mobility project

part of Gaining Through Training

and supported by ECORYS UK

and the Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Commission.




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