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A few months ago, we were in Australia for an amazing week organised by our partner Westside Circus. The following video highlights some of the activities undertaken during this Youth Exchange. Participants learnt a lot from this experience.

This project is part of National Treasures. For more information about the project, please visit:

Project funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union; and organised with ACER Brasil, IFALL (Integration för Alla), The Hope Learning Trust and Westside Circus.

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During a week, young people from Australia, Brazil, Sweden and United Kingdom gathered together for a Youth Exchange in England, where they learnt more about each others’ cultures.

At the end of the project we asked some of the tutors what impacts they think this project had on their young participants.

Simon Clarke, CEO of Westside Circus: “It was a fantastic experience bringing the different cultures together. [...] It’s been fantastic to share those cultures with our local community as well: We had Brazilian drummers doing some performances at the local market [...], the Swedish with their Drama and the English sport. We are still known as the company in Melbourne who brought these people to town. So it’s been great profile for us as well”.

Patrick Tasker, Teacher: “This experience has for sure broaden their horizons, and give them aspirations of working internationally in the future. [...] Giving the idea of why it’s important to learn languages and build bridges with different cultures and understanding”

Project organised with IFALL, Westside Circus, ACER Brazil and Hope Learning Trust. Project funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.

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As part of its new Vocational Education Training project “Finishing Strong”, Everything is Possible ( has started sending trainees on a new project in Sicily. In this training opportunity funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union, trainees are learning the work of tour guide and gaining some precious professional skills for their career, by taking clients on tour around the Mount Etna. Our hosting partner Etna Finder is offering them an experience both physical and cultural.

And indeed, the two first long term VET trainees out there are learning many professional skills.

Walter recently explained:

“We were able to do some staff excursions where me and Nathan would do the tour to our colleagues and they could give us some constructive criticism back about how we could improve. As well as getting some hints and tips about how to sound better while working, it also helped me come to terms with speaking in front of a group which I was a little nervous about. We had some tutors from four different colleges come out the last week before we left for Christmas. During this week we showed them around Etna and me and Nathan were given the responsibility to do a tour for them on one of the days. We had some worries in the week leading up to this but I think we succeeded in making an enjoyable and interesting tour for them. It was a massive boost of confidence to get my first full tour over with, I feel much better now about going in to next season.”


Our trainees are regularly writing testimonies about their project. You can read more about their experience on Everything is Possible’s website:


Our international project Olympic Legacy just ended and to celebrate its achievements we produced a Photobook. This photobook highlights all the different steps of this life changing project and its impact on the participants and the local community.

This project has been organised by Everything is Possible with the support from its partners Fundação Gol de Letra, Polgár Alapítvány, ACER Brasil and in association with Manor Church of England Academy.

We would like to thank the European Commission. This project has been funded by the Erasmus+ programme.




In just a few days, our partner Westside Circus will host the second major event of our international project ‘National Treasures’: All participants are really excited to start this Youth Exchange in Melbourne!
Participants from ACER Brasil, IFALL (Sweden), and The Hope Learning Trust (United Kingdom) will gather together with the participants from Australia to participate in activities around the theme of circus.

The week in Melbourne will conclude with a performance from the participants themselves!

During the Youth Exchange we will publish regularly news from the participants on the project website so stay tuned!

Project funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.

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As part of our new Vocational Educational Training project Moving Feet Opening Mind, we’ve asked our trainees to use their imagination to spread the word about the project and its funder the Erasmus+ project of the European Union.

Just six month into the project, our trainees have proved to be very creative. Some decided to organise exhibitions about their project in their colleges/organisations; while some other created a book/leaflet about the whole project or specifically about a new technic they’ve learnt.

This has already been a success and many young people, teachers, parents and other partners have now heard about the project and about the Erasmus+ programme.

Here are a few examples of what they’ve done:


● In April, trainees from Askham Bryan College (with support from Newton Rigg College) organised a fundraising exhibition. Click here for the pictures.
● In May-June, Trainees from Wigan Warrior held an exhibition to share their experience about their VET project in Martinique. Click here for the pictures.
● In June, trainees from Askham Bryan College (with support from Newton Rigg College) have organised an exhibition about their project in Aruba, at their return in the UK. Click here for the pictures.
● In June-July, trainess from Askham Bryan College organised an exhibition about their project in Malta. Click here to see the pictures.




Project guides:

● “Our Guide to Martinique”   by James Teixeira, Chloe Myers, Adam Williams, Billy Liptrot and Caius Jenkins from ProCo!Wigan Warriors

● “Our guide to Aruba” by Bryony Allan, Meg Harrison, Becca Cooksey from Askham Bryan College / Newton Rigg College



‘How to’ guides:

How to complete a husbandry routine and general maintenance at the aruba donkey sanctuary  by Rebecca Hawkins and Casey Wilson from Askham Bryan College

How to prepare an animal for a veterinary procedure  by Rowan Halligan and Neve Bray from Askham Bryan College

How to prepare the visitor centre at the aruba donkey sanctuary  by Rebecca Hewick and Jessica Watson from Askham Bryan College



Everything is Possible has some new training opportunities available in Aruba and Malta:

- Two places available for trainees/ex-trainees in animal studies to go to Malta to work in the Cat Sanctuary Malta November 2017 – two weeks

- Two places for trainees/ex-trainees in animal studies to go to Malta to work at Mediterranea approx. November 10th – December 10th – 1 month

- Two places for trainees/ex-trainees to go to Aruba Donkey Sanctuary for two weeks either November or December 2017

This a unique experience during which you will be able to develop personal and professional skills.

This project is funded (Erasmus+). There are no costs to you, and you receive funding for your flights, food and accommodation (we can often even help you if you don’t have a passport). Maybe you were not selected for one of the opportunities by your college or perhaps you did not even know the opportunity existed.

Don’t let the opportunity get away and don’t leave it too late; we can only offer this to you up to 12 months after completing your studies.

In order to participate in this project, you need to live in the UK.
This project is open to new as well as ex-trainees.

If you are interested in this project please contact Clair Brown:


Info sheet Aruba:

Info sheet Malta / Cat Sanctuary:

Info sheet Malta / Mediterranea:

The participants of our latest EVS project “Festival of Opportunity” just flew back to their country after helping local community organisations in the UK.

During two weeks they’ve helped keeping environmentally friendly two major festivals in the UK (including the Leeds Festival); encouraging festival goers to recycle, picking up what could be recycled; and finally encouraging people to donate to charities all the camping equipment they would not take back with them after the festivals.

This amazing project ended with a big salvage at Leeds Festival where our volunteers collected all the reusable tents, sleeping bags, mats and other camping equipments for some local community organisations. This year we supported organisation working with refugees, homeless people, community groups, scouts and even an organisation aiming at developing art.

For example the Sierra Leone Community in Sheffield (SLCS) explained us that the items collected will help them to organise day trips, camping and outdoor activities, in order to “improve the quality of life of Sierra Leoneans in Sheffield and to promote the well-being of its members”.

Please find below some of the feedback from the organisations we supported.

This project has been funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.
Festival of Opportunities 2017 


Feedback from local community organisations











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One year ago, young people from Brazil, Hungary and the UK gathered together in Rio for a youth exchange as part of the Olympic Games 2016 and our project Olympic Legacy.
To celebrate the 1st anniversary of this project we produced a video with all the highlights of this incredible week in Rio.

Here’s the video
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