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On the 9th January 2013, Everything Is Possible organised, with the help of Europe Direct, a meeting at Leeds Central Library. This event was a follow-up to an open day organised in November 2012. In total 30 young people came to take their first steps of their sending process with EiP. They discussed with the team about their motivations and which volunteering/training project abroad would be the most suitable for them. Everything Is Possible is offering different types of project (environmental, social, working with children, sport, music, media, etc.) all around the world (for example Aruba, Reunion Island, Italy, Portugal, France). All the opportunities are supported by the British Council, ECORYS UK and the Youth in Action & Lifelong Learning programme.


Since this meeting, some young people have already begun language courses as part of their preparation process before departure. Two are due to go to Reunion Island in June 2013 and one to Italy in May.


Everything Is Possible also participated in the ‘’New Year New Start’’ event on the 24th January which was a brilliant opportunity to meet local people (young people, parents, professionals, partners). During this afternoon, Everything Is Possible presented international mobility projects funded by the European Commission. Hopefully they will spread the word about these fantastic opportunities.

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