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My first few weeks here in Sweden have been full of learning experiences and new possibilities from an EVS arrival training to a youth exchange in the nature. This has been a highlight so far… “Back to the Nature”. It was a one week youth exchange of non-formal and creative methods within the Swedish nature. It is honestly one of my favourite projects I’ve volunteer in where I was able to take a leadership role surrounded by positive and active young people.
In this project I was given the opportunity to lead a Basic First Aid workshop, you never know what can happen to you outside in the wilderness! Supporting young people with some basic first aid skills could make all the difference. I also facilitated a few other presentations and supported in workshops.

I really learnt a lot about my own leadership style and motivation and I now have even confidence and knowledge to lead different activities in the future.

So, that’s my EVS update. It’s been full of learning experiences so far, new and old friends and plenty of opportunities to develop and learn as a youth worker. I might have got a degree in youth work but I feel now is when the learning really begins! For the full update please clink the link to my blog.

Charlotte Elisha

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