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Hi My name is Kyle Render and I am 19 Years old I am from Huddersfield in Yorkshire!

I did a project in Martinique for two weeks whilst studying at college, this was a great opportunity for me and I took this and went away with college for 2 weeks and I went out to bring my coaching knowledge out with me and teach children from different ages, my main sport was Rugby league however I also helped with other sports including Gymnastics!

Along side this I also had the opportunity to have visitors come around to out Accommodation which we stayed in for 2 Weeks! And that was great because I was able to learn the different culture but also alongside this I was able to explain about our English Culture.

With all the coaching there was great opportunity for free time and Wow was it great been able to go and do a lot of different activities now there is a lot so I will just pick out my main ones which I thought was my favourite ones the first one was having the opportunity to be able to join in with water sports and been able to be taught by professional coaches before going to Martinique water sports wasn’t something I ever thought about getting involved in but after having the experience this gave me a lot of confidence and showed me how enjoyable it was and boosted my confidence to do it and this is something I would definitely do again and something I would recommend.

The second one was been able to go and enjoy a day on the beach, this was great because it meant we had a day to chill out and enjoy the beach! And lastly was the opportunity to be able to walk around the town! This was something which I wouldn’t of done before coming but been able to walk around was great to see the different towns and the shops and was great been able to take a lot of photos to keep as memories.

The main things that I learnt when been over in Martinique was a great understanding about water sports and the different types of water sports and also the different names for the equipment that is needed for the sport. Also been able to meet and greet different people of all ages which spoke a different language was great because this gave me more confidence to be able to speak to people who don’t speak the same language as myself. The things that I have learnt personally would be the confidence to coach before coming to Martinique I had just qualified for my Level 1 Rugby league coaching qualification but after having thus experience this then helped me to want to progress onto the next level, and this has also helped me boost my confidence to change my coaching ways to help people understand.

Another thing wouldn’t be adapting difference from England to Martinique because from visiting the supermarket it was a lot different with the types of food that they sell in there supermarkets so we had to not only adapt when making a meal for the rest of our class but also had to make sure we checked it was the right product before buying.

This project has helped me a lot because I has opened up more doors for me after this project I went home and had a hard think and I applied for a sport coach position and I got the job and from this project this help me to do this because the employer was amazed with the project I went on along side this I have also been looking into traveling to different countries to go over and coach Rugby league. Cannot thank more Everything is Possible and Erasmus+ for giving me the opportunity to be able to do this project this has really helped me a lot with progressing within coaching.


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