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In February, a group of students from Kirklees College in Huddersfield took part in a Vocational Education Training (VET) project in Martinique. During two weeks they were involved in activities organised by our partner Youth In The Town (Jeunesse Dans La Ville); teaching various sports to young people and coaching them.
This project is part of Moving Feet Opening Mind, funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.

Tyrone: “My favourite training activity was football because the children were really enthusiastic and that made me really enjoy coaching them”
“Professionally I have learnt how to coach children of different ages as well as how to overcome language barriers”

Alex: “During the project I have taken part in many different activities such as athletics football, gymnastic and synchronised swimming”
“My favourite activity was gymnastics because it was great fun to working with a large age range of kids and being able to teach them and guide them in their activities”

Qamar: “Each and every kind of activities was my favourite because the children I thought were very positive, very bubbly and also enthusiastic. They were very easy to work with and engaging at every session we took part in.”

Leigha: “Personally, I’ve learnt to develop my speaking skills, and being more confident in speaking to groups.”

Afzaal: “Professionally, I’ve learnt how to adjust sessions to meet the requirements of young people.”

Myles: “Since being here, I’ve taking part in many different sports I’ve normally never get the chance to do; for example basket ball, gymnastics and athertics.”


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