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Hi, I´m Colleen and I´m 19 years old. I took part in this project to get experience with animals and working in a veterinary practice.

During the project I spent 3 morning a week at the Vets, where I assisted the veterinarians during consults and surgeries. I really enjoyed my time at Contreras Vets. The other days I would be at the donkey sanctuary, where I helped with the feeding and cleaning and was also responsible for looking after any poorly donkeys.

My favourite activities in our free time were snorkeling, swimming and going out for dinner or drinks to Palm Beach in the evenings.

Thanks to Erasmus+, professionally I learned so much about animal diseases and how to examine an animal, how to prep animals for surgeries and how to care for the donkeys and give them their medicine.

Personally, I feel like I gained more confidence through this project. I learned a lot about myself and how to adapt to working in a country with a different culture and traditions and people that might not speak the same language.

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