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Hello my name is Alex Francis and I am a student doing level 3 Animal Management.
During my project I worked at the donkey sanctuary carrying out tasks like poo picking, feeding, treating and worming. I also helped the vet with catching and restraining. I also worked at the dog grooming doing bathing, drying and clipping nails. I worked at the vets preparing animals image for surgery and sitting in during consultations.
In my free time we visited some beaches, are ice cream, visited De Palm Island, saw the natural bridge and natural rock formation. We also explored the island.
Thanks to Erasmus and I gained skill in looking after donkeys and giving treatments. Personally, I have learnt how to live with other people and improved communication skills.
Alex Francis


Vocational Educational Training (VET) project part of ‘Discovering More’, co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.

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