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Everything is Possible is very pleased to announce that we have 32 new long term projects to offer in animal care and sport coaching.

These projects are all funded by the European Commission. There are no costs to you. And we arrange your flights, food and accommodation (we can often even help you if you don’t have a passport).

We’ve got training and volunteering projects. Please note that eligibility criteria are different.


Vocational Educational Training

The training projects are co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.
Who can apply? You need to be:

● 18+
● living in the UK
● studying in the field of the project you are applying for
● after completing your FE studies ie before starting HE
● we can only offer this projects to you up to 12 months after completing your studies
● you can apply during your summer holidays whilst still studying


Malta cat

1) Malta – Animal care
3 month projects at the Cat Sanctuary (Support staff taking care of street cats) or Mediterraneo Marine Park (Support staff in the birds and reptiles department and animal education presentations.)

● 2 projects starting May or beginning of June 2020 (ending end of August 2020)
● 2 projects between July to October 2020


Aruba Sport

2) Aruba – Sport coaching
3 month projects at De Palm at Palm Island. Please note that you must have a full driving licence at the time of applying as you need it for your role.

● 2 projects in June/July/Aug 2020
● 2 projects around Dec 2020 – March 2020


Aruba vet

3) Aruba – Animal care
2 or 3 month projects at the Donkey Sanctuary or Vets (or both).

● 2 projects any time before 30/8/2020


Greece turtle

4) Greece/Crete – Animal care
3 month projects at Archelon (sea turtles). This project is defined by the nesting and hatching season dates so the dates have to be quite specific.

● 2 projects in May/June/July 2020
● 2 projects in July/Aug/Sept 2020


Sicily sport 1

5) Sicily – Outdoor education/sport
3 month projects at Etna Finder

● 2 projects in April/May/June 2020
● 2 projects in June/July/Aug 2020. Again the work is seasonal so the dates need to fit with Etna Finder activities and busy periods so the projects are quite set.


spain sport 1

6) Spain – Sport coaching
6 month projects at Spanish ProFootball

● 2 projects available from Jan 2020 (dates negotiable)


Volunteering opportunities

The volunteering projects are co-funded by the European Solidarity Corps programme of the European Union.
Who can apply? You need to be:

● 18-30 years old
● living in the UK
● open to anyone. You don’t need to be in education



A) Croatia – Animal care
at the Bear refuge

● 2 projects of 2 months to be completed before end of June 2020

● 2 projects of 3 months after June 2020



Greece turtle 2

B) Greece – Animal care
3 months projects at the turtle hospital.

● 2 projects in May/June 2020


spain sport 3

C) Aruba – Sport coaching
6 month football coaching project.

● 2 projects


aruba donkey

D) Aruba – Animal care
3 months Donkey Sanctuary and/or vets

● 2 projects


Spain sport 2

E) Spain – Sport coaching
6 month projects at Spanish ProFootball

● 2 projects


How to apply?

Deadline: 8th November 2019.

If you are interested in a project or would like more information please contact Mel Coward by Friday 8th November:





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