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We’re back at Leeds Festival this year, to salvage good quality reusable camping equipment for local community organisations.

When? 30th August (9-11am)
Where? Leeds Festival site (more info will be sent to organisations applying)

For more than 12 years, our action helped organisations from all around the UK who really need camping equipment for their activities. We passed onto them thousands of tents, sleeping bags, roll mats and tonnes of camping items which are left behind at Leeds Festival; equipment which has often only been used for one weekend. Click here to read feedback from previous years.

Watch the video report from BBC LOOK NORTH:

We tried to make the process as easy as we could for you.

1. Express your interest as soon as possible to Raphael :

2. Download the application and send it fully completed in Word format by Sunday 14th August 2022.

3. We’ll let you know if your application has been selected by the 19th August 2022.

4. A few days before the collection date, we will send you all information you need to collect your equipment.

5. Our volunteers will pick the best camping gear for you after the festival.

6. If selected you will just have to come on Tuesday 30th August 2022, between 9am and 11am, with a big vehicle to pick up your order!

7. We ask for a small donation of £25 for the camping equipment collected, which includes a maximum of 5 tents (pop-up, 2men tents, or/and 1*4men tent max) ) and a few sleeping bags, mats, camping chairs to fill a builder bag! Donation will help us to pay for meals for the volunteers who will be spending the day picking up your camping gear.

8. We encourage you to publish pictures of your camping equipment on social media, taging us @eispossible and using the hashtag #HappySalvageDay

We will be joined by 30 young people passionate by recycling. They will have the mission to find for you the best camping equipment. We’ve got a rule: Each item we collect needs to be good quality. If it’s damaged, we don’t take it! But if you want you can also check the equipment in case something was missed: You can do so when you come to pick it up. If you are not satisfied with an item we will replace it with another.

Have a look at previous feedback. Click here.
*As all the equipment has been used at the festival, and our volunteers don’t have the time or equipment to properly clean it on site, we recommend you clean all equipment fully before use. It also depends on the weather conditions.

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