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As part of its new Vocational Education Training project “Finishing Strong”, Everything is Possible ( has started sending trainees on a new project in Sicily. In this training opportunity funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union, trainees are learning the work of tour guide and gaining some precious professional skills for their career, by taking clients on tour around the Mount Etna. Our hosting partner Etna Finder is offering them an experience both physical and cultural.

And indeed, the two first long term VET trainees out there are learning many professional skills.

Walter recently explained:

“We were able to do some staff excursions where me and Nathan would do the tour to our colleagues and they could give us some constructive criticism back about how we could improve. As well as getting some hints and tips about how to sound better while working, it also helped me come to terms with speaking in front of a group which I was a little nervous about. We had some tutors from four different colleges come out the last week before we left for Christmas. During this week we showed them around Etna and me and Nathan were given the responsibility to do a tour for them on one of the days. We had some worries in the week leading up to this but I think we succeeded in making an enjoyable and interesting tour for them. It was a massive boost of confidence to get my first full tour over with, I feel much better now about going in to next season.”


Our trainees are regularly writing testimonies about their project. You can read more about their experience on Everything is Possible’s website:


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