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Discover our new Vocational Educational Training (VET) comic book. Go Further Reach Higher is one of our latest VET project, that offer 90 young trainees with fewer opportunities the chance to develop professional and personal skills abroad.

Trainees were expected to undertake two week traineeships in either animal management studies or wood occupations. Trainees and staff working in the field of Animal Management were able to spend their placement in either the Netherlands or Malta and their training was based in a Donkey sanctuary, or a Cat Sanctuary with opportunities to undertake additional enrichment activities in an Ostrich Farm and/or a National Park.  For those staff and trainees undertaking studies or training in the field of wood occupation and carpentry, the placements offered were in Sweden or Portugal in one of three fields, in carpentry, in restoration, or in joinery, three distinct areas giving participants a different experience and different learning opportunities. Placements were tailored to the individual participants needs and include activities in one or more of these areas.

As part of their project, each of theme had to produce a comic page telling a bit more about their activities, what they have done and what they’ve learnt.
At the end we produced and printed the following comic book showcasing some of the comics and some of the results of the survey highlghting the impact that this project had on participants a few month after their return.

Project supported by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.

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