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Helen Murphy, teacher at ProCoNW Ltd went with her student to support them in their VET project in Aruba:

“The impact of taking our learners abroad has been profound: Our learners have learned how big the world is, and have begun to look outside of their immediate area for opportunities and careers.
They have gained confidence both in the classroom and in their lives outside college. I see a difference in the classroom where previously quiet learners have more confidence when expressing opinions and exploring ideas.
The learners have experienced independence, often for the first time. They have learned to cope with homesickness, overcome feelings, and face up to the days’ work ahead. They have learned to share responsibility and resources, and work as a team to support each other.
Learners have gained valuable practical skills, and alternative ways to achieve similar goals. They have learned the impact of a different environment on the welfare and husbandry of animals. They have seen first-hand what can happen when there is less effective animal welfare legislation.
They were inspired by the fortitude of our host in her ongoing battle to ensure the welfare of the donkeys at the sanctuary.
Perhaps most importantly, they have learned to believe that amazing things can and do happen in life.”



Paul Cooper-Jones, Timber trades lecturer at Kirklees College

“I believe it’s very important to see the world and different cultures, it lets us open our minds to new things and we get to experience life in exiting different ways. I believe I am a better and more well-rounded individual for going on this experience, and feel all the more well-informed about another segment of our world. From a professional standpoint, this Sweden trip experience has given me the opportunity to travel, interact with, learn from, and grow closer to tremendously talented, intelligent, and driven individuals who have helped me grow in my professional life.
Travelling to Sweden gave Kirklees College students the opportunity to disconnect from their regular life and studies. Travelling increased their knowledge and widened their perspective on life, new customs and different ways of living. It gave them a new perspective about life especially their own life. It helped them change some of their habits it even created new ones. New experiences increased their resourcefulness by living situations they would never have encountered at home. This was a great experience for them and I and they could not stop talking about it even when they came back to their college routine”.



Sharon Sheppard, Director of Animal Management at Askham Bryan College.

“The Go Further Reach Higher Project has had such a positive impact on my students and College as it has provided unique opportunities for our students studying Animal Management programmes to gain real-life work experience and a fantastic insight into working and living abroad.  The Everything is Possible team as well as the main host providers are a pleasure to work with – they are so helpful and supportive and are very passionate and enthusiastic about what they do.

This project has allowed my students to experience an inspirational and educational journey where they have developed their knowledge and skills whilst caring for and working with a diverse set of animal species.   The students also gained a broad insight into different cultures, the local wildlife and their habitats as well as enhancing their personal development and employability skills.

From working with the local animal sanctuaries and veterinary practices to carrying out beach patrols to help conserve sea turtles, this project has provided my students with a diverse experience that they could not have experienced in the UK and this will give them a competitive advantage when looking at potential careers.

My biggest job satisfaction is being able to combine my love for animals with teaching and learning.  The Go Further Reach Higher Project has allowed me to continue to share my enthusiasm, knowledge and experience with my students whilst enabling them to develop and gain vital skills to broaden their horizons and explore their future career options”.



Jo Hill, Senior Animal Care Technician and Part-time Lecturer at Kirklees College.

“My name is Jo Hill, I work as Senior Animal Care Technician and Part-time Lecturer at Kirklees College. I work with the learners on a daily basis, supporting them in classes, on work placements and teaching them at our animal care centre in Huddersfield.

I took a group of three learners to Aruba in June to work at The donkey sanctuary and the local veterinary surgery. The students thoroughly enjoyed the work and the experience as a whole. The Go Further Reach Higher project gave the learners the opportunity to travel and undertake this exciting experience, they got to see animals in their natural habitat, animals we only keep in captivity in the U.K.  They also underpinned the knowledge they have gained at college and had the opportunity to put into practise. The learners also got see first-hand how animal care, welfare and cultural views differ from the U.K. The learners enjoyed interacting with the local community and animal care professionals.

Most importantly learners realised that there are real opportunities for them abroad, the experience has seen them all grow in confidence and realise their potential, it also helped clarify their future career paths, which before the trip they were unsure of.

The learners have shared their stories and knowledge from the trip with other learners at the college who have shown great interest. The overall experience has been such a positive one, for the learners, myself and the college”.




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