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We have now reach our capacity limit and can’t accept any more applications. We are very sorry. Please contact raphael [at] everythingispossible [dot] eu in the case you would like to receive more information about our next year salvage action.

Following last year success, Everything is Possible will once again be salvaging good quality reusable camping equipment left behind at Leeds Festival.


When? 1st September (11am-1pm) … save the date!
Where? Leeds Festival site (more info will be sent to organisations who applied before the event)



Last year our action helped 50 organisations from all around Yorkshire, Lancashire and even Norfolk and West Midlands. We passed onto them more than 400 tents, 350 sleeping bags and 300 roll mats and tonnes of camping items which are left behind at Leeds Festival, equipment which has often only been used for one weekend. Click here to read feedback from previous years.



mail How to getWe tried to make the process as easy as we could for you.

1. Express your interest as soon as possible to Raphael
2. Download the application and send it fully completed.
3. One week before the collection date, we will send you all practical information you need to collect your equipment.
4. Our salvage experts will pick the best camping gear for you after the festival.
5. Just come on Tuesday 1st September 2015, between 11.00 and 13.00, with a big vehicle to pick up your order.
6. We will just charge £25 for the Salvage Package, which include a maximum of 5 tents (pop-up, 2men tents, or/and 1*4men tent) ) and a few sleeping bags, mats, camping chairs, pairs of wellies to fill a builder bag! You can also order some extra tents (pop-up, 2 men tents, 4, 6-8 persons). Donation will help us to pay for meals for the volunteers who will be spending the day picking up your camping gear.


Watch the video report from BBC LOOK NORTH:


mail InterestedPlease contact Raphael who will give you more info and arrange everything with you



mail quality We will be joined by 30 young people passionate by recycling. They will have the mission to find for you the best camping equipment. We’ve got a rule: Each item we collect needs to be good quality. If it’s damaged, we don’t take it! But if you want you can also check the equipment in case something was missed: You can do so when you come to pick it up. If you are not satisfied with an item we will replace it with another.

Not convinced? Have a look at the feedback we got after previous salvage! Click here.
*As all the equipment has been used at the festival, and our volunteers don’t have the time or equipment to properly clean it on site, we recommend you clean all equipment fully before use. Depending on the weather you may have to clean it even more (but not if August is as beautiful as July!).



mail individualsFor individuals who are not part of an organisation, or organisations that can’t make the dates, please contact Raphael

After just a few months into a Vocational Educational Training (VET) project, young participants already started to disseminate the impacts that this Erasmus+ opportunity had on their personal and professional life.

Despite the fact our project Go Further Reach Higher (GFRH) started just 5 months ago, it already offered more than 40 young students the opportunity to undertake a VET experience abroad. Some went to Aruba and Malta to work towards animal care professions, while some went to Sweden to develop and learn some new skills in a carpentry. This project has been funded with the generous support of Erasmus+ UK.



Back in their college, some of the students had to produce a small presentation which they showcased in front of their classmates. It’s what Derek, a student at ProCo. NW Ltd, did. He created the following PowerPoint about his animal care project in Malta:

Derek presentation - Erasmus+ bq




All participants had to produce a testimony about their experience in the form of a comic page. On it they explained their motivation in taking part in this project, their activities and what they’ve learnt personally and professionally. All these comics are progressively published on the ‘Experience’ section of our website. You can also read them all onto the special GFRH we created on our website.


Word of Mouth

Before the start of their project participants received a GFRH TShirt which they often wore during their activities or free time, with the logo of Erasmus+ on their back. They acted as ambassadors of GFRH in speaking about their project to the local community people abroad and to their friends, classmate at their return in the UK.



Even professionals ensured the promotion of the project. One of ProCo. NW Ltd Animal Care tutors, Helen Murphy who went to Aruba to support trainees there, created a small video to give a test about her experience:



Kirklees College published an article on their Construction Employer Forum Newsletter. (Click on the following pictures to open the article)


Kirklees College Magazine lq


Network meeting and mid-project evaluation

On the 13th July, Everything is Possible organised a network meeting and mid-project evaluation with all the colleges involved in the project. We were very pleased to hear them giving such a good feedback about the impact these VET projects had on their students.


Project supported by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.

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