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We’re back in circus!

Following the success of Suitcase Circus for Youth, we decided to develop with the help of our international social circus partners a brand new project called ‘SCREAM’. This project aims at both the recognition of circus arts in non-formal and formal education, and also the delivery within different institutions.
SCREAM stands for Social Circus; Recognising Educational Activity Methodologies

In October 2014, Circus professionals and young participants from eight different countries went to Buenos Aires for the culmination of a year-long project teaching circus activities to disadvantaged young people across the globe, including in some of the poorest neighbourhoods of Buenos Aires.

During a busy week in the Argentine capital they visited a local community and shared the skills they learnt with the young people living there.

Since January 2014, 8 well-known circus organisations from Argentina, Belgium, Chile, Costa Rica, Estonia, Mexico, Spain and the UK have been taking part in ‘Suitcase Circus For Youth’, an international project supported by the European Union. Their objective has been to bring the skill of
circus to those who normally don’t have access to this kind of activities, whether for fun, personal or professional development.

The eight projects came together in Buenos Aires to celebrate the impact Suitcase Circus has had on communities around the world. They’ve been welcomed to the city by Circo Social del Sur, an Argentinian non-governmental organization (NGO) dedicated to the art of the circus as strategy for transformation and development of young people from vulnerable sectors of society.

This international project, supported by the European Union,has been created and coordinated by Everything is Possible, a non for profit organisation from United Kingdom, that offers international volunteering and training opportunities to young people with fewer opportunities around the world.

Vanesa Zambrano, coordinator of the project at Circo Social del Sur, said:
“This was a fantastic opportunity for the young people of Buenos Aires and for the Suitcase Circus partners from Europe and Latin America. Those day activities brought an international aspect to the activities we normally run. It opened the mind of the young people and the partners.”

In just one year, Suitcase Circus for Youth had such an incredible impact around the world. This project supported by the Euopean Union, will be extended in February with a new circus organisation from Australia.

Clair Brown, co-founder of Everything is Possible, said:
“The most rewarding aspect of this project is the impact that Suitcase Circus For Youth had – and is still having – on young people. Partners sent us pictures, testimonies and videos of the young people explaining either how they enjoyed the project, either what they learnt.”

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