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Monday 3rd February 2014, Everything is Possible organized with the support of Europe Direct, an Open Day at the Leeds Central Library, in order to promote European opportunities abroad. During that day we presented our many opportunities (Volunteering, Training, Workshops, etc.) around the world (Aruba, Reunion Island, Italy, Malta, and many other countries). There are many international opportunities funded by the European Commission but few are known by the public. For this reason this kind of event is very important to give access to people who don’t normally  know about these projects.

Around 30 young people came during this presentation, expressing at the end an interest to learn more about the volunteering and training projects.

Everything Is Possible’s team would like to thank Europe Direct and the Leeds Library.
All the opportunities are supported by the British Council, ECORYS UK, the Youth in Action and Lifelong Learning programme.




Radioactive EVS is an international radio project in partnership with Sardinia, Indonesia and the Philippines, which offers young people the opportunity to volunteer abroad during 2 to 4 weeks to gain new skills and experience in the field of radio, communications and other creative fields. The project offers to 30 young people wishing to contribute positively to local community activities the possibility to undertake an amazing international experience of volunteering abroad. The project will enable volunteers to gain diverse key skills through non-formal learning offered by partners.




Radioactive EVS is supported by The EACEA and the Youth in Action programme of the European Union.
All the logistics will be arranged by the Everything is Possible team who will book travel in consultation with participants, reimburse participants or institutions for any preparation or local travel expenses they incurred. Any participant drops out during the project will imply a reimbursement of all flight costs if already paid.




General topic of the volunteering service: Media and Communications
Project timeframe: between March 2014 and June 2015



Volunteering experience length: 2-4 weeks




– Italy (Sardinia)
– Indonesia (Bali)
– Philippines (Boracay Island)
– UK (Leeds)




Target group: Young people aged between 18 and 30



Expected number of participants: 30 international young people
Expected outputs:
Radioactive EVS will:
– Enable young people to gain knowledge and practise in Media and Communications
– Bring together young people from different European and Indo-Asian countries
– Enable participants to experiment the benefits of cultural exchanges abroad
– Encourage participant’s self-development and personal reflection
During the course of the project participants will:
– Take part into creative radio and media activities
– Create radio shows around European youth issues
– Learn to design, develop, produce, edit and air shows digitally and online
– Face intercultural immersion and be exposed to cultural diversity




Can I apply?
– You are between 18 and 30 years old.
– You are interested in travelling and discovering other cultures than yours
– You are interested in gaining useful skills in Media and Communications

– You are living in the UK.




NB: No specific skills are required to participate to this project.









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